De Averegten

Walking forest and play paradise for kids

Holiday villa 't Averhuys is situated within walking distance of walking forest De Averegten.

It is a 100 hectare source of inspiration, where the natural variation between open meadows and old forests makes this provincial domain unique. 

It is therefore the perfect place to add to your tourist stay or as a break between meetings, by which the combination of pure walking pleasure with unique relaxation elements ensures a true moment of slowing down.

The fantastic walking routes in this forest lead you along a brasserie with an outdoor playground, a botanical garden, natural playground 'Hobbeldonk', playing fields and a nice children's farm.

Furthermore there are also many open spaces furnished as picnic areas and there is an outdoor fitness trail for sports enthusiasts.

The Valley of the Grote Nete

On holiday in 'The Valley of the Grote Nete'

The Valley of the Grote Nete is the largest open space in Heist-o/d-Berg and situated 5 km from 't Averhuys.

The most famous attraction pool is undoubtedly the starting point: 'T Schipke aan de Nete.

Around the year 1900 't Schipke combined the function of spring, inn and farm. It's the place where movie director Roland Verhavert made recordings for the movie 'Pallieter' and where many artists found a lot of inspiration for their work.

The walk you can take from here leads you along a fantastic play forest and a great wooden footpath made of small logs and wooden poles. So highly recommended for young and old!


Walking along castles in Gestel

The walk along castles in the picturesque hamlet of Gestel starts at the Sint-Lambertus church at 6 km from our location.

The walk contains beautiful places and leads you along the Maria Chapel, the Castle of Rameyen and the old pilgrimage site Kruiskensberg. 

A real recommendation for those who like beautiful views, green open plains and a wooded area.

City visits

An ideal base to discover nearby cities

Our location is at a very acceptable distance from many nice Belgian cities. It is therefore definitely an option to combine your stay in 't Averhuys with a city visit.

Please find below all the information about the nearest cities via the links attached.

10 km from the centre of Lier:

18 km from the centre of Mechelen:

25 km from the centre of Antwerp:

25 km from the centre of Leuven

35 km from the centre of Brussels: